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The September Board meeting will be held on
Tuesday, September 6th 
Due to the Holiday

The Village will have the following positions open for the Consolidated Election April 4, 2017

Mayor - 4 year term
3 Trustees - 4 year term
Nomination packets may be picked up by contacting the Village Clerk
Cheryl Liebenstein
The packets will be available beginning Wednesday September 14th.
No signatures on the nomination papers are allowed until September 20th.

Rock River Energy Customers

(Rock River Energy negotiates our contracts for the Village) 

Recently some of our customers have been receiving a rash of calls from a company called Realgy.  They state that they are from ComEd and want to review your bills.   

They claim they can save 20% on the energy portion and that they can save on the Delivery charges also.  


Customers can be subjected to a termination fee from the present supplier for switching before the end of the contract.

The rate is still unknown until you receive a bill.

The discounted monthly delivery charge is in addition to their energy charge, there is no ComEd delivery charge discount. 


Realgy is not the only supplier using misleading tactics. Some call, some come to your door. While not all of them are dishonest there is a high prevalence of misleading tactics, so we need to caution you to beware. If have received or you get any similar calls or visits, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY ELECTRIC OR GAS ACCOUNT INFORMATION and feel free to call Rock River Energy Services at 815-732-4603  to discuss.  If you end up getting a ComEd switch letter, call us immediately.


We're hoping to use this site as a means of communicating with our existing and future residents. 

For existing residents, you'll be able to find information about events happening in the community, for example, when hydrants are being flushed or when leaves are being picked up.  You'll be able to see what projects your board is working on and be able to provide feedback. 

For potential future residents, we hope to give you a feeling of what it is like to live in our beloved village.  We have some of the friendliest people around and a great school to help your children get their education started off right.

Well, go ahead and start clicking around.  We hope you'll find something you like and that you'll be back soon.

Don't Get Scammed

ComEd has seen an increase in reports of individuals calling ComEd customers and falsely claiming their electric service will be disconnected unless payment is made. These impersonators instruct customers to buy a prepaid credit card and call back to a different phone number with the personal identification number (PIN) or other personal information. They also use a tactic called “spoofing” to manipulate the Caller ID displayed phone number so that it appears as a ComEd number.


ComEd representatives will never call you to ask you for cash or request that you purchase a prepaid credit card to make a payment on your bill. If you have concerns about the status of your account, call ComEd’s Customer Service line at 1-800-334-7661 (1-800-EDISON1).

If you believe you have been the target of a phone scam, ComEd urges you to contact the Illinois Attorney General’s office at 1-800-386-5438 (TTY1-800-964-3013), or visit the Illinois Attorney General's website and click on the “Protecting Consumers” link.


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